Pirate’s Quest – Indy’s Newest Laser Tag Arena  Indy’s largest laser tag arena opened November 16th at Woodland Bowl. There are amazing 3D and black light murals and many walls to hide behind, some with illusions to help your game. 

We have 36 gun packs so bring your friends or coworkers! Who wouldn’t enjoy shooting that office-mate who always brings in a smelly lunch? OOOR your boss? But seriously, come in and see  it with the music, flames and lights. These pictures can’t show how cool the place is.

$8 per game 

Here’s a link to new photos. We hope you’re as excited as we are for this new addition.

Call for more details:
Pirate’s Quest is located inside Woodland Bowl at 96th and N. Keystone Ave.

Woodland has positions open for Pirate’s Quest, the new arcade and other areas. Apply today.