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    Royal Station Game Board

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    Royal Station Official Game Rules


    Game begins May 20 and ends August 18. All prize certificates must be redeemed by August 19 or as long as pieces are available, whichever is first.


    All VIP members and anyone who plays in a Royal Pin league during the months that the game is in play.

    Persons in any of the following categories are NOT eligible to participate or win prizes in the game: Anyone who is a Royal Pin employee, contractor or vendor during the months the game is in play. Anyone who is not a VIP member or currently bowling in a league.


    Official game board here. A game board is not necessary to participate in the game.

    Game Pieces, while supplies last:

    • A. As a league bowler: Join a Royal Pin Summer league and every time the team meets participants receive a game piece. Substitutes may receive the piece for their player or keep them for themselves if they are eligible to play.
    • B. VIP member: League bowlers and Open bowlers who sign up are part of our free VIP club. Present the VIP card or tag with any bowling or snack bar transaction and receive a game piece. No game pieces will be distributed in the bar or lounges. No purchase necessary. VIP members can obtain a free piece each visit to a maximum of one per day. Must present VIP card to receive game piece.

    4. HOW TO PLAY:

    Collect & Win: Each game piece reveals a Royal Station property, participants must combine the pieces of the same color set to form a winning combination. The name and color of each property set that must be collected in order to form a winning combination can be found on the game board. If a participant collects a winning combination, such participant is the potential winner of the corresponding prize identified in these official rules, subject to verification of the game pieces and eligibility to participate. To win a prize, the participant must have ALL of the original game pieces that make up the winning combination. All combination pieces must have come from the same location and have the same name of the Royal Pin Center on each. Royal Pin will not honor and is not responsible for combinations that are incomplete or copies of game pieces.

    5. PRIZES

    All prizes may be redeemed at any Royal Pin Leisure Center on or before August 19, 2014. Winning combination pieces must be handed over and VIP card must be presented to redeem the prize certificate. Prize itself can be used at any time by anyone. If winner chooses to give the prize to a non league bowler or VIP member, that person may cash in the prize. (Example: If a game participant wins the $10 bowling gift card that participant will need to hand in game pieces and present VIP card to redeem the gift card. If the participant chooses to give the card to someone who is not playing the game, that person can use the $10 at any time within the expiration date.)

    Dark Blue (1): $300 gift certificates to Story Inn

    Expires the end of the year.  It can be used any time before that. It can be broken up over different weekends or all at one time. Room prices vary. $99 a night most of the summer then $140 in the fall. The rest of the money can be used toward dining or gift shop.

    Pink (6): One free entry to the Indianapolis Zoo.

    Orange (12): Pair of tickets to Indian’s Game.

    Flex tickets means they can choose any non sold out game. Instructions are on the ticket. Winner needs to order online or go to will call to get the real tickets. Box seats are better than Reserve. You have a few of both.

    Light Blue (25): Date night (winner’s choice of…)

    4 day passes to Climb Time – they get one per winner 8750 Corporation (North side)

    12 Cinema Grill movie tickets. The get one per winner 86th and Michigan

    10 Morty’s Comedy Club – one per winner.  96th and N. Keystone

    Western only: Boat House Grill $15. (3 available)

    Red (45): Wild Card (winner’s choice of…)

    Pro Shop certificates for ball cleaning or rejuvenation

    Left over dining certificates. Or anything you have extra from other winning spots

    12 PAIR of Haunted House at the Children’s Museum passes – You only have rain checks. The museum will mail them when they are printed. This does NOT include an entry to the museum.

    Purple (50): Family Time (winner’s choice of…)

    8 Climb Time day pass

    12 PAIR of Children Museum passes.

    12 $10 gift certificates to Greatimes ( in the run 5/22/14)

    20 $10 gift certificates to Royal Pin bowling purchases (logo embossed)

    Green (75): Royal Pin family winner’s choice of…

    One game of bowling, Laser Storm Pirate’s Quest, Pirate’s Cove.

    Yellow (100): Medium Soda at the Royal Café.

    Royal Station Game Sponsors

    2012 Royal Station Winners

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